College social / corporate shoot

College days are memorable and worthy to cherish during the world days. With the advent of the smartphones and the high-tech gadgets, in the present days, students use them to capture some special moments. However, some special occasions like the college social events are worthy to capture in the digital media as these are life-long memories. Ashirvad Creations is our photography group, where we arrest the college social event through our lenses in still photography. The college socials comprise of celebrity persons and the images of these celebrities along with the student participation takes part in the college magazines and college websites. Our photography team offers special photography during the events and make the shots candid or informal.

Make your college socials or corporate events memorable through our lenses

In case of the corporate events also, there are some distinct moments that can be trapped through the camera lenses by our team. The skilled photography has been practiced by our young photographers and we excel in providing the quality pictures for the event. The love for photography and entering the story during the shots are the key features that help to create the pictures stand out of the crowd and please our clients. If you are in the charge of the college socials or corporate events, you can contact us for the details about the rate.