Terms & Conditions

01. Ashirvad Creations reserve the right to use all images for advertising purposes (including social media, website-based advertising, leaflets, brochures, postcards, galleries, and competitions. If the client wishes to own the copyright of images created by the photographers, an additional fee will be paid by the client to the photographer for transferring the copyright. This fee will be mutually agreed by both parties. The transfer of copyright will only become applicable after the payment has been made in full.
02. With due respect, We request to lay before you not to insist on us for uploading your portfolios and Videos to our social media platform as all the portfolios and Videos are uploaded with the concurrence of our team members considering them as the asset of Ashirvad Creations.
03. We don’t provide raw video files; it cannot be provided in any situation. (Due to larger file size and shooting technique)
04. The event will be covered by professional photographers & cinematographers.
05. Our team members could be increased or decreased according to our team plan. We Never Commit Team members so do not ask to allot specific number of team members.
06. The number of photographs cannot be committed. The number will depend on the design.
07. There must be a coordinator from the client’s family, who will coordinate with us when required.
08. We do not cover dining sections & the decorative bed on reception night.
09. It will be decided earlier whether we will have food on the location or not.
10. Client will have to provide cab up to OLA UBER service area otherwise have to pay 5% of the assignment value.
11. The program schedule needs to be informed via Email and Whats App.
12. We will send the compressed photos after 7 days of your wedding & you have to revert us with your selective numbers of photos within 30 days of your wedding, otherwise album delivery date can not be committed to you.
13. We required approx 4000 watts of electricity for capturing your candid moments with a brighter light setup. Video quality depends on the light setup. Kindly ensure that 4000 watts will be available at your event area.
14. If you want you can send us your selective songs for wedding trailer + Video otherwise no changes could be done after delivery, expect Title spelling.
15. Album design could be changed for one time. Please do not ask to change the design for multiple times.
16. It is mandatory to pay 20% in advance and the next payment on Reception day 60% as a post-dated cheque with the date of reception day and 20% after all delivery.
17. Due to huge work pressure sometimes we will unable to answer your calls. We never attend any calls during the shoot so Kindly leave a text or whats App that we can revert you back, We will get back to you shortly. Requesting you not to call us back to back leave a message for us.